My Favorite Vintage Style Rugs

Updated: Mar 10

While I LOVE a great vintage rug, we all know that they can be very pricey. Sometimes thousands of dollars for a room sized vintage rug. So, why not get the look for a whole lot less?

Machine made vintage style rugs are a great alternative to vintage rugs. They are durable, soft, and SUPER affordable. Here are some of my favorites!

I will never get enough of this one. It is my favorite. And also the one that is in my dining room. You would never know that it wasn't vintage until looking up close.

This one is my current crush.I love the deep blue throughout. This is a strong contender for my living room!

This one is such a great neutral option! Not to mention, it comes in other colors that are also really gorgeous!

This one has such a great vibe. I loves these colors/tones!

This one is SO GOOD. And the reviews say that is is super soft! A perfect warm neutral rug.

This one is feminine, unique and truly looks like a vintage rug! I am totally loving warm blush tones right now.

This one may or may not be in my top two rug choices for the living room (I love keeping your guys on your toes). I love the warm red, with subtle blue tones.

I obviously can't get enough of the warm blush tones. This one couldn't get better!

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